2021 Scavenger Hunt

Join us April 1-30 for the Fairy Godmother Project Scavenger Hunt located in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg. Participation is free and you can join at any time throughout the month of April. This Scavenger Hunt will test your ability to solve clues, get creative and plot your game winning strategy as you go head to head with the other teams! 

Scavenger Hunt questions go live on April 1st.

Directions: Starting on April 1st, questions can be found by accessing this form or downloading a printable version of the questions here. Please answer and submit questions through the form, or by dropping off printed version in the dropbox outside the FGP office. Answers can be found by exploring Downtown Fredericksburg.

Prizes: There will be several prizes awarded:

  • Weekly prize for top team each week
  • Most Creative Team Uniform/Outfit
  • Team pic with most likes on Facebook. Be sure to post in group!
  • First 30 teams to sign up receive 2 FGP drawstring bags filled with goodies. (sign up only required if you want a goody bag)


  1. All answers can be found outside the businesses. Please respect social distancing and do not enter the buildings or crowd the sidewalks.
  2. All team members need to stay with their team at all times. You may not split up to “divide” Scavenger Hunt tasks or pay or bribe additional individuals to join your team and complete your tasks.
  3. Everyone needs to know the boundaries of the Scavenger Hunt. Please refer to your map to ensure that you are within the designated area in Downtown Fredericksburg.
  4. You may not use phones or computers during the Scavenger Hunt for anything related to the Hunt including locations, clues and businesses.  Use your resources – local townspeople, bookstores, libraries, maps and anything else you can find!
  5. Always play fair. Teams must be courteous and respectful to other participants and community members.
  6. Questions must be submitted through FGP form or by dropping off printout in dropbox.