We all toy with the idea of resolutions. I am someone who doesn’t do them because I know I won’t follow through on them. It is almost as though I see the word resolution and believe its meaning to be that it isn’t something I have to actually finish. Goals are very different for me. I take them very seriously as a result, I do set goals especially for FGP and for my self personally. And really the two are often one in the same because FGP filters into my personal life in many ways through connections with families, volunteers, donors and our community as a whole. This year one of my main goals is to start blogging for FGP about these experiences and people.

I should tell you that I struggle with blogging on two levels. First, I wonder who really wants to hear what I am thinking? It is a funny thing to imagine that there is an audience that is interested in my perspective but I can hope maybe someone is as I type them. And maybe that someone will be moved to get involved in some way. Second is we always are cautious about what we share about families. We have been coached by people who truly know about PR and marketing on the need to share more about the families . We have been torn on this because we never want our families to feel that they HAVE to allow us to share their story because we are supporting them. BUT at the same time, if we don’t share stories and ask our families to do the same, we can’t show the need or the impact. We never want to have the families feel we are exploiting their stories or our involvement in them so we always proceed with caution. Our philosophy has always been that the FGP family stories are not ours to share. And while my belief hasn’t changed completely, I have grown to realize that our involvement in their lives changes their story in really important ways that are worth sharing. The stories of these families make up the FGP story which we really need to tell.

With all that said, my goal of blogging will include sharing more about what we do to help these families and to raise awareness about the extensive needs in our community. We will consider it one piece of the FGP storytelling! Tune in tomorrow for the first piece of the story!

P.S. Find us on SnapChat at FGPStory (540-645-4282)