Today I deposited two things. One was a check for $10,000 and the other was $9 in ones. Some may think that the $10,000 is more valuable and from a monetary standpoint it certainly is but both donations came with the same amount of heart and selflessness. Each donor gave at a level at which they are able and that is all we can ask for as a non-profit.

Often people minimize their ability to give because it is “ONLY” $25 (fill in the amount) but if every person who generously gave their $25 stopped, where would we be? It is those donations that sustain us while the rare big ones boost us! Both are needed and useful to provide support to these families but we would be unable to exist without both types.

When I was talking about how amazing our Stardust Ball was and how generous people were, a good friend said, “You don’t need people like me there then.” This has been weighing on me because she is wrong. We do need her and every other person that believes in what we are doing. Every donation is used with care and valued by us as an organization. Don’t ever think what you have to give isn’t enough. Every donation whether it is time, money or services is enough. Every single one of those makes this organization possible. If you volunteer and have 1 hour to give each month, then please give us that hour! If you have 20 hours, we will use that, too! We are run on the efforts of others and their willingness to give selflessly of themselves. We appreciate each donation whether big or small.

Thank you to all of you who give no matter how much time or money. Every donation is a piece of the FGP puzzle. Where we are today is because of every donation from each of you who have seen value in our organization.