Donna is a woman who is very involved with our community! She works part-time for a local nonprofit, and volunteers for both FGP and Strong for Dom plus is a mom to one adorable boy (okay he is moving toward young man but none of us moms want to admit that). Donna will do most anything for anyone without any expectation of something in return. Donna has become an integral part of FGP with her involvement in our fundraising and event planning. She even gets her husband involved in FGP which is so appreciated! Donna’s dear friends lost a child to cancer so has seen what it does to a family and a community watching a child fight pediatric cancer. We are so fortunate to have Donna on our team and frankly I, personally, am so fortunate to have her as a friend.

What made you want to get involved with FGP?
I read about FGP in the Free Lance Star and met with Andie! I also saw first hand how FGP can help a family and knew I wanted to get involved.

Has being involved with FGP made a difference in your life? If so, how?
Absolutely – FGP is a family to me! Volunteering is rewarding! I also hope that my son is learning to help others by watching me volunteer.

What would you say to describe FGP if someone asked who we are and what we do?
I tell people that FGP is a nonprofit that helps families who have a child fighting cancer – providing meals, lawn service, house cleaning, gas cards for travel, photography services, etc. When a child is in treatment and a family needs to travel away from home (and sometimes for quite some time) – having the lawn mowed, house cleaned, and meals prepared can be very helpful to a physically and emotionally exhausted family. Their priority at that moment is their son or daughter. That is where FGP steps in.

For volunteers, what keeps you involved with FGP?
The people and knowing that I’m making some sort of a difference from behind the scenes. The volunteers are amazing, loving, selfless people who are now my lifelong friends.

For Volunteers and Donors, can you describe your experience with FGP?
The experience has been wonderful! I have witnessed many wonderful acts of kindness. I have seen people come together with a purpose to help others. I’m very proud of our community.