FGP Give

Help make a difference in the lives of pediatric cancer families by starting a fundraiser today or donating on June 4th.

For a moment, imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis for one of your children. Imagine the emotion, the panic, the worries, the financial stress and all the unknown. And then imagine having to navigate all of that alone. Imagine losing friends who can’t figure out how to help, or who are too afraid to face this by your side, or those you can no longer relate to because of all of that comes with cancer. That sounds scary and lonely as a parent.

Now, take a deep breath and imagine an organization coming into your life and saying we are here for you and then following through by providing a trained volunteer to reach out to when you have a need or a question or just need a friend, a support group run by trained facilitators, grocery and gas cards to the stores of your choosing to help offset the cost of travel to treatment. Imagine the value of being connected to others within your community who truly get it because they, too are facing or have faced a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

Now imagine having a hand in that as a donor and recruiting your friends to join in and make a difference.

Unlike most pediatric cancer organizations, FGP’s focus is on the parents. Our philosophy is that by alleviating the day-to-day stress through emotional and financial support, we are providing these caregivers with more time and less stress allowing them to better support their families during these difficult times.


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