We are always in need of volunteers! We want to use your gifts and skills to enhance our organization’s mission. We have volunteer positions that range from clerical to directly supporting our pediatric cancer families. We are looking for people who understand that our priority is always our families, their privacy and their needs.

Our volunteer positions are located in the  Fredericksburg area with the exception of our Volunteer Photography positions. The requirements for each position vary.

There are multiple opportunities within our organization and when filling out the application, you can specify your skills and interest. We need volunteers willing to sit on event and fundraising committees, deliver meals, be part of our adopt-a-family program, assist with in office projects and more.  All volunteers must meet the following expectations:

  1. Respect confidentiality
  2. Use care when working with families
  3. Provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations regarding the program to FGP
  4. Provide a completed application and background check as well as 2 references
  5. Remain alcohol and drug free while volunteering for FGP

To apply for any of the jobs below, please submit this form

Start your volunteer training now by watching the Online Volunteer Training video and completing the Follow-up Form

Below are the different types of volunteer jobs:

We have many events throughout the year that require volunteer support. These events range from fundraising to community events. We need help at both types. You don’t need experience for these jobs but because you are representing FGP to the public, we do expect you to have the following:

  1. Knowledge about our organization
  2. Ability to commit to events and show up on time
  3. A friendly, warm demeanor and willingness to answer questions and interact with the public.

This role is a huge piece of FGP and is both emotionally rewarding and challenging. The relationships   developed between leads and their families are vital to the success of the organization. The lead’s role is to serve as a liaison between FGP and the family and  to provide emotional support. We find it is important for volunteers to learn about our organization and for us to learn about them. This informal process allows us to easily match volunteers and families. To be a Lead Volunteer, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. 6 months of active volunteering with the organization
  2. Full Volunteer application screening and background checking
  3. Proven ability within the organization to be empathetic and giving
  4. Willingness to commit to the duration of treatment or a minimum of one year.

This job is open to the public and doesn’t require our full volunteering application process

Every other month we hold meal making events at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. These meal making events are open to the public and occur every other month. Check our calendar for dates.  You do not need any special skills to participate. We provide all recipes and ingredients. Come prepared to assist in the making and packaging of meals for our families. If you plan to attend, we ask a few things of you:

  1. Please let us know in advance by rsvping to our Facebook event or through email volunteers@fairygodmotherproject.org
  2. Come healthy! We need to be cautious of illness because our FGP kids are often immunocompromised.
  3. When you arrive, check in, wash your hands and get ready to work!

As a Stargazers Support Volunteer, you will assist with families as they face end of life and beyond. The job is a very important part of our organization. Volunteer opportunities within this program range from errands to assistance with all aspects of funeral services. Additionally, volunteers will assist with event planning for our Stargazers.  To be a Stargazer Support Volunteer, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. 6 months of active volunteering with the organization
  2. Full Volunteer application screening and background checking
  3. Proven ability within the organization to be empathetic and giving
  4. Completion of Stargazer Volunteer Training Program

Often groups are interested in volunteering! If your church, office or other group is interested in giving back. There are times when we have opportunities for groups to get involved. If your group is interested in learning more, please email volunteers@fairygodmotherproject.org for more information. All volunteers will be required to sign waivers.

We are looking for photographers who have been conducting sessions professionally for 2+ years, have an online portfolio demonstrating solid technical skill and consistency, and are willing to donate the sessions, as well as a minimum of 20 high resolution edited digital files to each family.  It is at the photographer’s discretion whether to donate additional files, prints, slideshows, etc.  Our volunteer photographers will need to be sensitive, professional, and comfortable being around babies/kids with cancer and their families.

Once you are approved to become an FGP volunteer photographer, you will be contacted on a “as needed” basis to inquire about your availability during a general time frame to conduct a session for a family, and if you are available you will will be given the family’s contact information so that you can arrange a time/date for the session with them.  To apply to be a volunteer photographer for FGP, please submit this form.