There is no way to express my gratitude for FGP. When Graeme was first diagnosed, everything was blurry – it was a whirlwind. Trying to understand the diagnosis, manage communication with friends and family members and keep it together was challenging. That’s an understatement. We had so many people asking how they could be helpful those first few weeks, but we had no idea what to tell them. We had no idea what kind of impact this cancer diagnosis would have on our day to day life.

Before we left the hospital, within days of diagnosis, FGP asked when can they could get housecleaners in to our home, to have it ready, cleaned and disinfected for us when we returned. This was such a relief! Doctors had just explained that his immune system would be weakened due to the chemo. They asked where they could deliver gas/grocery cards, additionally, we had emails & texts with contacts for support from other cancer families. That first week was tough, but FGP knew exactly how to be helpful.

We have since had freezer meals, gas and grocery cards and house cleanings on a regular basis. This has allowed us much more family time and much less of a financial burden while traveling back and forth from Richmond for appointments.

Our lead, and Andie, being so thoughtful and caring have made such a huge impact on our family. We are so thankful!