I have never had a child with cancer which is something I am thankful for every single day. So, while I do not know what it feels like, I do know what it looks like from the outside looking in. I have seen the struggles of the family as a whole.

As parents, we often struggle to think of ourselves. We are programmed to do for our children before we do for ourselves. For cancer parents it seems to be magnified. They spend their days thinking of what more can be done for their child because of all the “what ifs” of pediatric cancer.

As an organization, we try to help them do the things they need done around the house so they can focus more on their children. With the holidays approaching, we are going to focus on the parents and need the help of our community. As an organization, we are putting together gift baskets for each family. We asked our parents to provide us with lists of what they need or want (not what the child needs or wants because there are many wonderful organizations that help with that!!).
– Andie McConnell