Mary Tannous

Mary is an entrepreneur, board advisor, and a corporate Executive with over 20+ years in Customer Success, Business Strategy, and Business Operations. Her and her husband own and operate Patriots Tax & Accounting and Patriots Consulting here in Fredericksburg.

Mary holds a degree in Accounting and another in Nutrition. She is also a certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Master Trainer, and Master Public Speaker. She is a world traveler providing business consulting services for companies all around the world. She spoke in many high profile events and TV shows and has worked with Conglomerates and Fortune companies in many fields such as Technology, Hospitality, Education, Food, and Retail.

Mary’s passion in life is to make a positive impact in the world, contributing to her community, and helping others reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Amongst her peers and friends, she has always been known to be the queen of solving problems and helping individuals create bridges to connect their today with their wanted potential.

Mary loves music, dining out, and traveling. She loves supporting local businesses and spending her free time with Carlo and their three boys.

Honesty, respect, passion, and integrity are her core values and what guides all the decisions for her businesses and through all human interactions. These core values are profound to create a positive community and it all starts within.