What made you want to get involved with FGP?

It sounded like something I could help with, community involvement is so important to our family.

Has being involved with FGP made a difference in your life? If so, how?
I have met many fabulous women and families that have this huge ELEPHANT in there homes. Negotiating that is so difficult that help is always needed. Just to be able to take one thing off there plates is what I hope to do.
My children are grown and out of the house so some kid time is very needed.
I love the LOVE I get in return.

What would you say to describe FGP if someone asked who we are and what we do?

We support the parents of children who have Cancer. We are there help with little things so the Big things are more manageable.

For volunteers, what keeps you involved with FGP?
smiles, hugs & and seeing the difference a good haircut can make …or a good dinner that you didn’t have to cook can taste. Making someones day in a little way always make mine in a BIG WAY.

For Volunteers and Donors, can you describe your experience with FGP?

I saw the piece in the paper and began calling, texting,emailing FGM. I am so pleased to see the way we have expanded, kept up and evolved into this network of talented, dedicated, loving, motivated group. It asks allot of people sometimes and we still step up and move forward. The more we know and learn about what is needed we are better able to attack the challenges. Our leadership has been stellar on every level. No question unanswered, no problem impossible – just a Challenge….