If you have never met Mac Church, you should! He is a warm, friendly guy that always greets me with a hug and who truly cares about his community. He does an amazing job as a Loan Originator for Fidelity Bank in Fredericksburg. (You can learn more on his Facebook page.) I first met Mac at our gala last year, which he sponsored, and realized instantly I had made a new, lifelong friend. He and his wife are lovely, giving people who you want to know better as soon as you meet them. Mac organized an event called Lose it and Gain for FGP this year that was a great success (still collecting money so will update with totals). We are so thankful to have Mac in our community, as a donor for FGP and as a friend.

In what capacity are you involved with FGP?

What made you want to get involved with FGP?
Love to give back to the community, especially when involving kids with needs.

Has being involved with FGP made a difference in your life? If so, how?
Rewarding personally and spiritually. Makes me feel like I am helping to make a difference in people’s lives.

What would you say to describe FGP if someone asked who we are and what we do?
An amazing organization providing support to not only children with pediatric cancer but the families who suffer from the effects of it.

For volunteers and donors, what keeps you involved with FGP?
Knowing it is locally based and administered and that the majority of the money stays in the foundation.