Today’s interview is with local business owner, Maureen Bartosh who owns 25/30 Espresso which is located at 400 Princess Anne Street. Maureen has owned this comfy, cozy coffee shop for years and truly believes in community. Her coffee shop provides a great space to meet friends, have meetings, read a book or sit and work. There are tables, couches, all sorts of drink choices plus baked goods including gluten free selections. Her place is a must see in my opinion!

25/30 Provides coffee dates for our moms and leads. We are able to go to her shop and sit and relax and chat! Perfect spot for meeting new families or reconnecting with current ones! In addition, they have provided space and goodies for volunteer appreciation events and provided a coffee bar at our 2013 Gala.

What made you want to get involved with FGP?
Two reasons – we are firm believers in being involved and contributing back to our community and the people in it. Having had a cancer patient in my family I know the strain that it put on the family and anything we can do to lessen the load we are grateful to do.

Has being involved with FGP made a difference in your life? If so, how?

I am so glad to know Andie, some of the volunteers and occasionally some of the families, it has made our lives richer and more blessed to be part of their lives and to be helpful in anyway we can.

How would you describe to someone what FGP does?
An organization to support families with a child with cancer. Support through meals, gas cards, contacts and more.

What has your experience been like with FGP?
Always good.

If you haven’t met Mo, you need to! Her shop is one of our favorite places in town and we highly suggest supporting this business that REALLY believes in giving back.
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