Meet Oliver

In December of 2016, at four-years-old, Oliver was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He came down with pneumonia, and a week later, we were at Children’s Hospital of Richmond learning the ropes of lumbar punctures and neutrophil counts. To be honest, most of that is a blur. Now, more than 6 months after being handed more at the age of 5 than most people see in their entire adult lives, Oliver is thriving and on a path to kicking cancer exactly where it hurts. He is expected to finish treatment in May of 2020. Doctors, family, friends, and strangers alike are constantly blown away by Oliver’s vivacious attitude, and full head of hair this far into the game (four haircuts since his diagnosis!). Our tiny superhero has not slowed down one bit. He is constantly “ghost hunting,” playing with his favorite dog, Zoe, or giving his mother a run for her money being a speed demon on his favorite green bike. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate.

Shortly after being diagnosed, several friends mentioned Fairy Godmother Project to us. After reaching out, we quickly started to feel the support and ease that FGP provides. Lori, our new FGP Friend, arranges everything from meal deliveries, to making sure we are just staying sane. She has become a very good friend and we are so grateful that even though the circumstances are less than stellar, we were brought together to make things so much brighter. The gift cards for gas and groceries are more help than we could ever put into words. Living in Spotsylvania, and travelling to Richmond for Oliver’s treatment sometimes twice a week hurts your pocket and the dinner table, which is why my crock pot and the AMAZING freezer meals that are delivered right to my door have fed our family when otherwise, it would have a been “cereal for dinner night.”

We cannot express the gratitude we feel for the support, and community that our Fairy Godmother’s have given us. If we HAD to be in this mess, I’m glad to say we were able to meet some amazing souls in the meantime.