Like every event and experience, each person walked away from our Stardust Ball with a different takeaway. Many left in awe of this amazing event and all that FGP accomplishes every day including pulling off an event of this size while still being a small grassroots organization. Some took away the imperfections like the long check out line, the microphone being too loud, the switch from glasses to plastic toward the end of the event and so on. ( I saw all those things and made mental notes as I am sure did every committee member and we will address and fix those things next year.)

But my takeaway from the event isn’t about the imperfections. My takeaway can be summed up in many ways in this one photograph. My takeaway is that FGP is building something very important and valuable to our community. The number of people in this space, speaks to the value of what we are doing and the belief in our mission. If you look closely, you see what FGP is all about. It is about community, connections and doing good. In this photo, I see one of our volunteers who always shows up for our families talking to one of our bereaved families, I see two of our board members laughing and talking with each other, I see multiple committee members relaxed and reveling in their hard work while surrounded by spouses and friends, I see a volunteer admiring his huge contribution to the event, I see me walking away from hugging an FGP dad I hadn’t seen in far too long and then turning to see our honoree and so much more. There is so much warmth, love, support and good in this photo just like there is in our organization and our community. Thank you for all of the people that showed up and made our event picture perfect.